1,000+ students use Kalrashukla to rank higher in IIT 2017

The new JEE Main & Advanced format is encouraging more and more students to explore the IITs as a career option

Why IIT Kalrashukla

IIT-JEE is undoubtedly the most challenging examination, with the highest level of difficulty. The only way to successfully crack this examination is to follow an effective study strategy and be under the guidance of the right coaching institute that will train you for this challenge.

Many parents and students approach IIT-JEE like a sprint – a short quick race. They hear about the challenges of clearing IIT-JEE, about the national level competition, about limited seats and come to us wanting to know the shortest route to excellence.

As an institute having coached thousands of students to top scores at various competitive entrances, We believe the IIT-JEE is a marathon. The true challenge lies not just in achieving the top scores but more importantly, in consistently doing what needs to be done when you are on this journey.

The Kalrashukla Advantage