Success needs the right ambience

The founders of Kalrashukla Classes strongly believe that giving students the right environment for study is an important aspect of the student’s success at the competitive entrances. As the students make the shift from Std. X to Std. XI, there needs to be a shift in the overall approach to studies and learning.

Accordingly, the institute makes extensive investments in infrastructure across all their centres, creating a space that is conducive for long hours of study and which facilitates a serious approach and concentration among students. The ambience and discipline followed within the precincts of the institute are equal to that of a school, ensuring a studious atmosphere that is free from distractions.

In terms of physical infrastructure, today, we have 25 centres spread across Mumbai, Pune, Baramati, Kanpur and Patna. Our teaching infrastructure currently consists of 132 classrooms, and an impressive faculty team of more than 146 top-notch teachers from across the country.